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Talk formats

Presentation Will be held in English, 50 minutes long followed by optional 5 minutes questions time.
Hands on lab Will be held in English, 120 minutes long with a 10 minutes break after first hour.
Full-day workshops (March 11) Will be held in English8 hours long, with 2 coffee breaks and lunch


We are interested, but not limited in the following topics:

Methodology & Architecture Software development methodologies, architectures, encryption & best practices to develop secure software
Java Language Java Language, Java SE, JDK, Performance Tuning, Modularity, etc.
Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Vagrant, Cloud, PaaS, Terraform, Ansible,  PaaS, best practices 
Server Side Java EE, Spring, App Servers, databases, MOM, Batch processing & related JSRs
Programming languages Anything related to other languages than Java running on the JVM, the languages, tools, libraries and best practices
(Big) Data Big Data, NoSQL, Spark, Hadoop, Drill, Machine learning, etc.
Modern Web Web & Mobile frameworks, HTTP/2, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, libraries & tools to build web & mobile apps, PWA, Polymer, Reactive, understanding UX
Future<?> Looking Forwards – Quantum computing, biological computing, cybernetics, industrial robotics, AI etc
Mobile & Embedded Tools, frameworks & libraries for building native mobile apps, developing for embedded devices, the IoT, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc


For the best chance at being selected, please keep the following in mind:

  • We do not accept product or vendor related talks. If you would like to showcase your company’s products or technology, please contact us at [email protected] about a Sponsorship opportunity.
  • If you presented your topic in the previous edition, we will not accept your paper. The content should be new, creative and cool and the theoretical part be proven trough real demos. Come up with a clever title, and a 3-4 sentence abstract clearly outlining your session’s contents. One-sentence abstracts will likely be rejected.
  • Keep the target audience of primarily developers in mind.
  • Modern and interesting topics will be more likely to be selected.
  • If you feel you would like to provide references of your speaking credentials, please have them email [email protected] before the selection process has closed. Please note that references are not required.
  • Make sure your title and abstract adhere to our Code of Conduct and do not contain any discriminatory or sexualized language.

Your photo is not used in the selection process, but if you are selected, that will be the photo we use for the website. Please submit a high-resolution photo at least 700 x 700 px in size.

If you have any questions reach us at [email protected]

Program Committee


Java Champion & Devoxx Founder

Stephan has been using Java since its early releases in 1995 with experience of developing and implementing real world Java solutions in the finance and manufacturing industries


Co-Founder @Voxxed

Mark is working to promote greater knowledge sharing for developers of Java and associated technologies. is publishing news, features and tutorials, linked to rich media presentations, interviews and training courses.


Java Champion & Principal Technologist @ Pivotal

Mark Heckler is a Pivotal Principal Technologist & Spring Developer Advocate, conference speaker, published author & Java Champion focusing upon developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for the Cloud and IoT applications.


Java Champion & CEO of Hypersistence

Passionate about enterprise systems, data access frameworks, and distributed systems. Vlad writes hundreds of articles about Hibernate on his blog and he’s also the author of “High-Performance Java Persistence” book and the video course series –


Organizer – Program Committee

Senior software developer, entrepreneur, founder of Incremental Community and leader of Bucharest Java Users Group. Organizer of both Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca and Voxxed Days Bucharest.


Technical Lead @ IBM CIC Romania

Ana is custom application development enthusiast, Trailhead Ranger and a constant adopter of challenging technical scenarios. Passionate about Java Frameworks and multi-cloud solution orchestrations, she supports technical communities’ growth through mentoring and social learning activities.


Co-organizer of Transylvania JUG

Developer by heart, a true believer of the power of communities and open source. Co-organizer of A professional coder for more than 10 years, trying to stay away from language wars even if most of the coding is done in JVM languages.


Chief Software Architect @ eSolutions

With extensive experience in software development, Miron is designing custom software solutions on cloud infrastructures and microservices architectures. He is also senior trainer at eSolutions Academy, delivering trainings in: Java, Design Patterns, Spring Framework, Clean Code, and Reactive Programming.


Software Architect @ Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Ionuț is a software architect, technical trainer and regular speaker at software development conferences and meetups around the world, delivering presentations, training courses, and workshops. All his Java performance-related but also software architecture blog posts together with his training catalog could be found on


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